High School

Shakespeare As You Write It 2018

By Brendon Bennetts • For ages 11-18 yrs, Terms 1-4


***Australian high schools: Australia Playhouse is most likely going to have a hiatus from our high school offering in 2019 for a couple of years while we restructure our tours. So please book us in 2018 as we'd love this last chance (for a while) to see you!***

Back again by popular demand for its fourth outing!

"Shakespeare: As You Write It" is a hilarious tribute to the plays of the Bard and a hugely entertaining way of familiarising your students with Shakespeare.

Three actors collaborate with the audience to create a brand new Shakespearean play. Using a popular film chosen by the audience, as well as a bunch of pop culture references, buzz words and anything else the audience decide to throw at us, we will create an improvised play utilising Shakespeare's most common conventions. This highly adaptable and versatile show can be used to connect students with Shakespeare's work across all abilities and year levels - from full on Shakespeare geeks to those who can't tell their wenches from their wrenches.

We'll look under the hood of Shakespeare's work, explore his world and recreate his obstacles, as the building blocks of Shakespearean theatre - scenes, similes, soliloquies and sword fights, poetry, prose and iambic pentameter - are all mixed together in a witches’ brew of fun-filled theatre!

Your students will laugh so much they won’t realise how much they have learned!

A very entertaining and engaging performance. Our students were enthralled from start to finish and were able to participate in the performance through contribution of contemporary ideas. Thank you for a brilliant performance! DE LA SALLE COLLEGE, NSW

Many companies claim to appeal to teenagers and teach at the same time as entertain but very few can do it. [Australia] Playhouse do and do it incredibly well. Our students (and staff) loved it. One of the best incursions we've had. THE GEELONG COLLEGE, VIC

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